Self-love revolution #9


…yoga. of course there is no better teacher than YOU. yoga is great at showing you exactly who you are this very second. get on your mat. accept all of you. stand there. be there. bring everything you got on your plate into that class. softly rest it to the side of you and allow yourself to dive in fully. open and close. soft and hard. explore your way into expanding your body and mind. love every inch of your body. love every moment of your practice. let every movement be your teacher. explore your breath, explore your mind explore your body. explore the shift that can happen in the span of a class, in the span of a few minutes.  listen to yourself. listen deeply, what is it that she/he is whispering? “laugh with me, hold my hand, let us enjoy this LIFE.”  there may lie a possibility of discovering more than you imagined in the span of a class, or not. there is a great chance to dive deep into only YOU.

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude





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