Self-love revolution #13


…sit in the sunlight. find a place in your home or in your neighborhood where you can stand in the sun. close your eyes. feel the warmth, feel the air surrounding you. imagine this beautiful brilliant ball of fire far up in the sky. imagine its power, its’ intensity, and yet it warmly greets you, it reaches out its beams of light to show you the way. feel the power of the sun. feel your own radiance beaming right back. be that beacon of light. carry the radiance with you.

in the middle of your day stop and take a moment of pause. close your eyes and recall the sensations you felt standing in the sunlight. feel the warmth once again. feel the radiance. now feel your own warmth, your own radiance. imagine that same bright light inside of you.  cultivate that deeper sense of warmth and peace, like the sun far up in the sky. continue to carry that with you.

creating small intentions, being mindful is a great way to practice self-LOVE.

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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