Self-love revolution #14


….stand in the midst of nothing. stand on top of a mountain, hill, street, your own back yard even. stretch out your arms as far as they will go. embody expansion. embody everything that is far and wide. stretch out your fingertips to reach the trees, the birds, cities and towns surrounding you. reach even further and grab your friends, family and loved ones. feel the energy rising up from the ground below you. pull in all of that energy, that power and love and bring it into your space, your own body.  feel the prana, feel the energy of the world surrounding you.

each and every moment of every day you possess this energy. you mustn’t need to pull it from the birds, trees and universe that surrounds you. YOU already have all of this power, all of this LOVE inside of you. YOU have everything you could ever desire already inside of you. remember that the deepest LOVE for self lies in the actions you take each and every day, it lies in the intentions you set, the path you walk and the LOVE you offer others.

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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