Self-love revolution #16


….breathe! oooh ahhhh….yes. deep belly breaths. in and out. deep and full. follow your breath as it dives into your lungs and all through your body. fill up as far as you can and then sip in a little more. exhale all you have inside of you, only to see there is a tiny bit more. trace the origin of your breath. imagine your lungs expanding, filling to their fullest, filling all the space inside your chest. think of nothing else besides your breath. notice when you release. notice when you relax and let go. allow it to become easy. allow everything to become easy. allow LIFE to become easy.

there is peace in every moment. there is peace already inside of you. you contain everything you need. everything you search for is inside of you. breath, peace, life and most importantly LOVE.

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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