Self-love revolution #17


…float up and out of yourself…….
notice how you hold yourself. notice how you are standing, how you are sitting. notice the look upon your face. stand directly across from you, as if looking into a mirror.  begin to trace your eyes and the outline of your face. notice your beauty. imagine standing in this space looking deeply into your own eyes. see what is there. see YOU in this gaze. see your own radiance.
begin to walk around yourself.
notice your power, your grace, your presence.  feel your own energy.  stop and come into stillness. from the very bottom of your being to the very top of your head, take in your deepest breath and send all of the love you have ever felt, radiating directly into your own heart. hold your hands open in front of you. offer yourself this LOVE.  be in a space to receive. offer peace. offer solace. offer LOVE. offer understanding and forgiveness. offer grace and a smile.

now step back into your body. what does all of that LOVE feel like?

carry this with you, remember this often

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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