Self-love revolution #20


…iron, clean or organize. do what makes you feel complete. a monotonous task. a system. a task you can do without thinking, a natural instinct. folding. opening. closing.

bring your presence to this task.

can you feel your feet on the ground. as you put each dish away, notice and feel each dish. can you feel the textures of the clothing you fold and hang.

notice sensations. feel everything. feel the satisfaction of completing a task. notice that in your body. don’t be distracted by anything.

bring your awareness everywhere. bring your awareness into everything you do. don’t numb. be present. don’t miss anything. keep your attention here in the present. in the now is opportunity to LOVE. if you reside in past or future you miss that opportunity. all we have is NOW. be here NOW. LOVE you NOW. there is nothing else.

life can feel like a task, like a mindless chore. but one must be present for LIFE. bring your attention to LIFE. bring your awareness to LOVE.

love every second of your day


~screaming gratitude


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