Self-love revolution #21


be in love with nature.  wonder how the petals of a flower know to close up when the sun sets.  wonder how the leaves turn upward when the stormy breeze blows.  without any force or schedule, nature unfolds simply as it is. imagine letting go of your agenda today; letting go of expectations of what ‘needs’ to be done on your to-do list and simply be.  allow the day to unfold as in nature.  let the day be an opportunity to bloom, to open, to close and simply be as you are.  in nature everything is easy, there is no hype, delays or concern, it simply is.  with that being said there is triumph every time.  after the storm the leaves settle back down and twinkle and turn in the cool breeze.  raindrops and showers.  after the moon fades and is out-shined by the sun the petals fall open, gracefully and pucker up towards the sunshine soaking in all the radiance.  at the end of the storm, at the end of every time it all works out, everything is okay; a new day begins.

love every second of your day!


~screaming gratitude


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