Self-love revolution #22


go for a walk today. let go of time and wander through the woods. crossing stones, branches and the green earth.  intentionally making each step mindful. carefully placing your foot upon the ground with each step.  be curious, look around.  touch the trees, touch the ground.  watch all the movement and energy within this space in the woods. walk on the path and perhaps off the path.  imagine the life of all of the living things surrounding you, how long they took to grow so big, how long they have been in these woods.  wonder when was the last time this stone was moved, by whom and why.  imagine all that have come before you that have walked on this same path through the woods and all that will come after you. so big and vast is this space, or small and quiet.

notice how you feel. listen to your breath. don’t shift or change anything. simply be. settle in and smile, smile from the inside out. when you recall gratitude, remember to include all of that is before you in that prayer.

love every second of your day!


~screaming gratitude


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