Self-love revolution #25


become who you are meant to be

….not there yet….tell someone who you are…not brave enough yet….show them!

it is vital in this LIFE to be yourself.  of course, the old saying goes, ‘be yourself, everyone else is taken.’  embellishing your experiences, not living authentically draws a certain crowd.  a crowd that loves you, but may not really know YOU.

a few years ago, I was dining at a restaurant and overhead the couple next to me talking about how they had recently moved to a new part of the state.  I told a white lie and shared I had heard many amazing things about this town and how much they would really enjoy living there; when in reality I had no idea where this town even was.  we chatted for the next few minutes, sharing experiences and travels through life.  I felt as though they were genuinely interested in my opinion and simple dinner conversation.  a few moments passed and i could feel a tug inside, deep inside my heart.  “tell them you have no idea where they bought a house, never-mind how much there are going to enjoy it!  be honest with them, let them see YOU, the real you!!”  i hesitated and realized that i have spent a good portion of my LIFE ad-libbing, agreeing and creating a persona i thought people wanted me to be.  after a few awkward pauses i confessed to them.  i told them that i really wanted them to see me for ME, that i wanted them to simply like me. i told them i had no idea where they moved to and that i only told them i did because it was what i thought they wanted.  in my head i figured that no one could possibly be interested in the real me, boring, plain and nothing to add.

after it was all said and done, they thanked me. we exchanged info and agreed to meet for dinner in the future if ever we were to cross paths again.  they thanked me for my raw honesty and for showing them my insides as well as my outsides.  they were really delighted by the honest, real experience we all shared in.

i stayed for a few more hours, sitting alone at my table, relishing in the aftermath of being brave.  it felt really satisfying. it felt really empowering to be ME!

show someone who you are today

love every second of your day!


~screaming gratitude


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