Self-love revolution #26


write a poem for yourself.  talk about everything and anything. it needs not to be perfect, but perfectly imperfect.  be brave. jot a few words down on the page. it can rhyme or not. it can make sense or not. a few words or a lot.  give yourself permission to write creatively, even if it’s not your strong suit. dare to be a poet. on the page transform the language inside your heart out into the world.  the best self-love is to nourish your soul.  find the words that really nourish your soul.

make it up, dream it up, think of it as an opportunity to create a masterpiece, isn’t everything we create never been created before, isn’t everything a masterpiece in its own right?

dive in. listen to what comes. watch the pen move.

love every second of your day!


~screaming gratitude


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