Self-love revolution #27


find a photograph of you, your younger self. Speak to them in your most tender, loving voice.  take the time to recognize YOU.  look deeply into those eyes. sweetly forgive and offer peace to that little one. dive head first into self-LOVE!  go over the top, pour it on and speak from your heart. speak from deep down inside your soul.

after a while, sit back and imagine yourself as this 5 or 10-year-old little human. imagine the emotions, sensations this offering of LOVE would cause you to experience. imagine the warmth of love and tenderness surrounding you.  imagine a beautiful brilliant light floating all around you. feel the peace around you. feel the peace inside of you. carry that with you always.

the true gift is only that which we can offer to ourselves. our attention, mindfulness, patience and most importantly LOVE.

love every second of your day!


~screaming gratitude


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