Self-love revolution #28


forgive someone. write a letter, let go. share your role in the experience, share your sorries. forgive. release them and lighten you.  it is so very important to take care of you, self-care, self-LOVE! when you forgive you release your role, you release any heavy burdens you may be carrying. when you forgive. you begin to allow the anger to dissolve, dissipate. forgiveness is not for them, forgiveness is for YOU. forgiveness heals YOU.

when you surrender and let go it brings you into the present moment more. when you forgive, it changes and shifts the story of your past; energetically you clear a space when you forgive.

dear kind human………i forgive you. i forgive all of you. i forgive everything that happened and everything that did not. i take full responsibility for my actions, my intentions and my behavior. i am living in my truth and i fully accept the present moment and in order to to release you, i must forgive you. all of you. with all of me. as life unfolds, as sun’s rise and moons fade, i offer you only the purest form of loving kindness to float your way. 

sincerely, triumphant forgiver! 

dig deep, find a tender one, one you’ve been hanging onto, dig it up and set it free!

love every second of healing that fills your day!


~screaming gratitude


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