Self-love revolution #29


learn someone’s story. connecting with those on this journey of LIFE is vital to survival. be curious about those your surround yourself with. wonder why they were drawn to you or you to them. what reflections do they show you about yourself. everyone that surrounds you is that, a reflection. a lesson to be learned. a trigger. a personality to explore. a perspective to view.  each person in this world you come in contact with is there for YOU. imagine that. imagine that the universe all this time was rooting for one person. one person to succeed, to ‘get-it’ and to shine. imagine if that person was YOU? well sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not the next guy in line or the woman with the winning ticket, its YOU, it really is YOU.

the universe is on your side and rooting for YOU. in order to allow LIFE to unfold as it should you must get out there and in this world and meet yourself.  you must show up. be challenged. be intrigued. learn a whole lot about everyone you LOVE. learn a whole lot about the guy who walks your sidewalks each night with his puppy, max. learn about the women that make your lunch at the shop downstairs. greet people. smile and they will smile back.

learning someone’s story, who they are at the core, is where the lessons are. when you allow yourself to be in a space so sacred that you share the dark corners of your life, your story, you permit others to do the same.

learning someone’s story connects you to them; it not only connects you through history, but through your soul. their experiences, lessons, perspective, you take all of them with you. they become part of you, they make you a better YOU!

whenever i eat an apple, or any thing for that matter, but mostly apples, i think about how parts of that apple will become a part of me. they will become part of my nutrition, my bones, blood and tissues. pieces of the apple with stay with me forever. similar to a story or reflection, it becomes part of who you are.

be kind to those around you, it will nourish YOU!

love every second of your day and all of those that you meet!


~screaming gratitude


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