Self-love revolution #30


praise a teacher. taking care of YOU should not involve offering others praise, but in the instance of teachers, most of us would not be where we are in our lives without a teacher; as well as those pivotal moments experienced with a teacher.

when i ask you to praise a teacher, i truly mean to thank them. offer them all the kindness inside of your heart for being present for your journey.

YOU did the work. you showed up. YOU changed, shifted, and transformed your own LIFE. be not mistaken, you hold the power of your own LIFE.  but… is under the care of a teacher, mentor, guide, angel, and friend that often creates a space so sacred that you are able to dive completely into yourself to do that work, to hone your power; a teacher that asks the right questions; pokes and prods in such a way to get you to uncover a truth you were carrying all along.

for the teachers in my LIFE i am grateful for their ability to create a safe space for me, to be me. the mentors i have met over my life span have been many. each one showing me a piece of me that needed to be uncovered at precisely the right time. they arrived and stayed, others entered for only a short time, but all have left imprints on my heart forever. tears stream down my cheeks as i relish in the multitude of memories, gifts, and lessons from all the great souls i have gotten the privilege to encounter.

the idea of lifting me more into ME, is tremendous; and they did exactly that. lifted me more into me. they honored my journey without question.

i offer the purest form of kindness, love, gratitude and honor to have been given the chance, amongst this large, large universe to cross paths with, land in the classrooms of, offices, restaurants, yoga mats, hallways and lives of so many amazing and brilliant teachers.

and for that truth, i praise forever being a student.

self-LOVE for today is surrounding myself in the offering of this praise. i feel more connected to myself, more connected to who i am simply by the recognition of the teachers i have had, have and am.

love every moment, every breath, every set of eyes that meet yours. offer kindness and praise to all of the teachers in your life!


~screaming gratitude


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