Self-love revolution #31


tell someone it is impossible, then watch them soar! the idea of seeing someone succeed is a great way to receive LOVE back. something as simple as a smile, most often they cannot help but offer you one back. sometimes their eyes may even sparkle. giving out LOVE is as important as receiving LOVE even if it is from yourself.  go ahead try it in the mirror, smile at yourself, and watch your smile increase as you smile back!

when you share a connection with someone, a friend, significant other or stranger on the street, there is an exchange.  if you were to tell them something is impossible, they may push back or they may not. sometimes all we need is a nudge. whatever shape that arrives in no body knows.

in my experience in LIFE, if you tell someone it is impossible…… a matter of moments they begin to soar!  with determination and ambition the bird seeks out the sky, floats and dives, wings and belly feeling every edge of the wind beneath it. tell a bird they can’t fly and sit back and watch.

love every second of your day!


~screaming gratitude


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