how we prepare for the next spoonful is how we prepare for LIFE


early morning oatmeal.  pondering about preparing for my next mouthful.

consciously bringing awareness to every moment of my day, starting with this first bite, second and third. allowing for a complete experience.

mindful eating.

how is it that we prepare for everything?  what if we allowed everything to unfold as it wanted?
stop preparing for the minutes, hours, years from now. why not allow everything to unfold?
watch the beauty and grace emerge without struggle.
watch the dawn of a new day. the peace of a flower opening.
the flow of life that occurs when you sit back and let it.
funny we often forget that if we were to stop, the world would keep on going.
sometimes we get caught up in this pull of life, so easily at times. the worry, the rhythm, life that can often feel constricting.
it is a powerful ability to step outside of the flow of your life. to pause. to take in the full view of everything
that surrounds you. completely encompassing. watch the dance of life. the rush, the ease, the beauty in all of it.
there is gratitude in the large and small things of life. there is a glimmer of gratitude in every moment.
the ones i prepare for and the ones i don’t. it’s so much more palpable when i don’t.
enjoy this day
~screaming gratitude

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