how do you give your own heart to yourself?


how do you give your own heart to yourself?

dearest beloved…….there comes a tipping point in your life when you must decide to surrender.

in this case, i simply mean you must decide once and for all if you are going to LOVE yourself or leave yourself.

there arrived a moment when everything appeared clean, simple and easy. a realization that

~i have everything i need, right now in this moment, I simply needed to make a choice~

don’t get me wrong, this is an intention i set almost every time i arrive on the mat, lead a class, start my day, you name it;  but all together a lesson, to accept myself, is one that takes incredible work, patience and sheer power of choice.

the realization that life is simple. we choose our thoughts. we choose our actions. we choose everything with or without knowing if any of it is going to matter in the end.  we choose how we talk to ourselves. we choose how we treat ourselves, and giving permission to ourselves to accept that we have nothing less than EVERYTHING we need.

knowing all of this, learning this lesson again and again, it still arrives like a brand new shiny present, a crispy clean new idea that i must write, share, and tell all my friends about.  create a swirl of attention around this gift of knowledge….

~life really IS what we make it~

it really does come down to whether you look at LIFE as an opportunity to fall or to fly, right?  am i worth it?  am i willing to trust myself enough to let go of the strings and let the wind carry me over the mountain tops?  or am i going to assume and write the story that i end up in the ditch, with no one to call, no one to scream out to, broken and stuck in a tree?

no matter how much worry, how much you conversate about why this happened and why he said, she said.  no matter if you ever created your alter, kept in touch with all your pen pals, returned to your favorite restaurant in italy or to that town settled deep in the mountains.  what if you never get back there, to that place, what if you lose your memory and you never even get to tell anyone about that dusty beautiful town?  will it matter?

when you worry for days, when you fret, hem and haw and all the other weird four-lettered words that are used in the english language to complain, it brings you closer to the more pessimistic edge of yourself.  when you let go, surrender, choose to LOVE yourself and SAVE yourself, everything becomes very clear and simple. everything matters less and yet everything begins to matter MORE.

do i LOVE myself? point-blank.

do i HONOR who i am? at the core?

would i talk to anyone else this way?

if i looked back would i say i lived like i was falling or flying? do i even have my wings on?

the best part about all of it is that you can start right now!  you can give yourself your own heart. right now. speak to yourself tenderly. offering forgiveness, compassion and grace. most of all offering permission to start anew in every minute, every day.

choose to believe that you are worthy!  LOVE yourself and fly!

enjoy this day, this moment and your journey most of all

~screaming gratitude



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