beautiful is only skin deep

day 1


open highway midwest somewhere between california and texas. drove cross country a few summers back. open road. possibility. frightening at times the vastness of the universe that surrounds us, holds us, but……freeing at the same time.

first intentional day with no product came and went.

why do this? why explore THIS?

the more still you are, the more you can hear. i am listening. placing my ear to the gravel-ed earth and listening. placing an ear on my heart’s center and listening to every heartbeat.

self-care practice this morning was a cool, refreshing mask to start my day.

minimal time to prep for my day makes for more time to sit, be still, listen to breath and practice the beautiful art form of self-care.

‘your skin is beautiful. you should have no problem with this adventure.  getting your “brave-face” on should be free-ing!’ conversation i shared in, in regards to this adventure.

i am only human.

i didn’t walk by the mirror often, although i didn’t consciously avoid it either.

you choose. make it what you will. this. this adventure. this day. this life. this moment even. you choose how you spend every second of your LIFE……again….are you falling or flying?

there is gratitude. it is quiet and soft, but it is present. to be curious enough to make attempts, to keep showing up no matter the level of courage, fear, doubt………..the passion for living authentically is there!

gratitude is always present

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


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