abundance in a sunset and alter realities


tonight my heart is overflowing. full.

i cannot help the tears as they fall from my eyes; rolling down my cheeks; everything brings tears.

i walked by the television for only a few moments and the simple joining forces of two human beings in that moment, filled my heart.

a friend shared an inspiring song with me. passionate. powerful and so inspiring…… it brought tears as well.

an article i reread, already knowing the ending!  i entered onto the page because i longed for the warmth and reassurance it brought me from my first read, tears again. life is filled with passion, power and greatness.

sitting in the quiet stillness tonight; writing with the fading sunset outside my window, orange roots and blue pedaled skyline, adds a summer hue inside of my room. the warm brightness of my laptop before my eyes.

in this moment i am grateful to be alive. if this life is for anything else than to simple be, then let me be. if writing, reading, learning, asking all the while staying OPEN, is the way to BE, then let me be.  i question what it all means, what it all is, a reality, an illusion, a facade…..or even perhaps the blink of an eye.  at the end of the day, asking, learning, being…… helps me stay connected; it helps me to tune in. when i feel what’s happening inside my body as i well up from listening to music or a commercial on television, i know that i am connected. when i see a sunset or sit in the quiet, and it feels like my whole world has stopped, i question the permanence of all of it.  i imagine it is an illusion, a blink of an eye or perhaps there is no one else but me in this moment right now. I am creating my reality.  maybe i am dreaming all of this, writing this story, listening to the stillness and watching the sunset across my sky, from somewhere else. maybe……… we will never know.

does it matter if it is real or not? does it matter if I am creating this reality or really living in it?


that’s the difference for me. whether this reality is fact or fiction, the presence of gratitude reassures me that i take each moment with me. gratitude is one of the constants in my life. it never ebbs, dissolves or lessens.  the gifts are always there, i have to be willing to listen, reach, be curious and simple BE to be able to experience gratitude.  gratitude IS that stillness for me. gratitude is the inhale AND the exhale.

all i ask of this life is to simply let me be.

the fruits will grow as abundance flows. connected. grateful. awareness of simply being.  all the while filled to the brim with gratitude.


enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude



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