clean, clear, utterly breath taking

no makeup.

one week

two weeks


in this photo i am wearing makeup, but this was miles deep into my journey of vulnerability. i had no idea i would uncover all that i have since this time.

yeah i never thought it would be this easy.

i never thought i would learn all of this.

beliefs rose to the surface almost immediately; and like with most experiments of LIFE that i inquire about, get curious about, there was no work to be done, it simply was a choice.  each day i woke and there was no question of whether or not i would cheat and put on concealer or blush, it was a choice. each day there was a lessening in responsibility in preparing for my day, but an altogether humbling roller coaster experience of habits, beliefs, insecurities, confidence, and ways of being that were certainly going to adorn each day.  some times it felt like whiplash,’wow! am i that vain! wow! did i say that to myself…..ouch!’

i finally took the plunge and tossed the makeup bag and all of its contents.

i am surprised to learn all that i have. i would have never thought that something as simply as makeup would be a doorway into a deeper level of self work.

always, always ALWAYS screaming with gratitude for this life…….wow! the teachers reside in everything. this life is stunning.

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


3 responses to “clean, clear, utterly breath taking

  1. Bravo indeed, this reminds me of my recent post about 7 weeks without any pills. From a health perspective, your skin and body are thanking you.

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