radical practice

the most radical practice we can have is simply showing up!

woke up this morning to this thought…..



we never really forget the lessons we need to learn, the experiences we must have.  we act as if we forget, but deep down we know, we planned it all this way many lifetimes ago.

when you are able to connect to yourself so deeply, in the most intimate way, that is the real ride, that is real living.

the essence of physical asana is about creating space and allowing all the layers of yourself to come back into union–princess and the pea like union of one self.  this all allows us to be still. so go be still. surrender to what needs surrendering, move into what needs to be explored, learned and expressed.  you hold everything inside of you that you need.  you hold every memory, every lesson, every bit of wisdom that will allow you to live your most radiant life, to live your most authentic life.  messy and imperfect doing whatever you can to catch your breath at every turn, but oh so perfect, oh so exactly the ride you were meant to have this go-round!

enjoy THIS life, THIS day, enjoy every single moment

~screaming gratitude



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