be clear, be crystal clear

got to witness a life lesson recently

got to see my own struggle. my own defeat. the power of my monkey mind. then grace appeared and i got to witness it all come together and build itself back again. the unleashing of my own confidence. the innate knowing of my own worth.

it was like life decided to sit up and pay attention, no more swirling inside to the noise and stories i was writing.

much of life is about assumptions. we assume a beginning will look like ‘this,’ and an ending will look like ‘this.’ we assume, i assume, that i am perceived ‘this’ way so i must abide by this expectation.  i assume and suddenly it begins to blend with trying, wanting, longing……and far from honoring, showing up, owning who it is that i am….. a beautifully imperfect human being.

emotions get involved and become entangled with these experiences, whether they belong there or not. that’s the interesting thing about life, it can show up anywhere in your body, at any time in your body without you even knowing you stored it there.

my heart always brings me back. more importantly my heartbeat brings me back.

i had to make a commitment to myself. stay afloat. get clear. stay open. go back to the beginning.

‘trust everything that you know and then forget all of it.’ i whispered to myself.

let go of assumptions of my own. let go of everything i have ever learned. trust that this breath will bring me everything i need, and this one, and this one and this one.

MY desire is to convey how important living authentically is to me. any waning from that wrecks havoc on my monkey mind and pulls me into the flurry of ‘assuming’ about life.

when i convey. speak. state. write to you……how important THIS life is, know that i whole-heartedly, boldly, honestly, powerfully reach out to you and whisper this truth. i embed it under every rock. i echo this in every exchange. mirror. breathe. offer. translate.


sometimes i think that even if i told you, you wouldn’t understand, then i put it in writing and i know that i must put these words out into the world.  gratitude is best when shared.

enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude







One response to “be clear, be crystal clear

  1. :). Thanks for both the song and the post. This song got me through a rough but powerfully transformational transistion time a few years back. I don’t know if I understand what you want to convey but I know that what you write speaks directly to a part of me. Thanks for following me so that I could find this delightful writing that seems to hug my soul. When I started blogging purely for SEO purposes, I had no idea that what I would find is so many gems of other peoples’ blogs. It isn’t all about me. Go figure.

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