a familiar whisper from the past



we energetically communicate our intentions….

we add the difficult to a difficult conversation.

we add the commentary to the chatter we overhear.

we give urgency to the thoughts that bubble up in 2pm-tuesday-afternoon-traffic.

we surrender and provide relief at the end of a long day.

we breathe the exhale as we make our way to our meditation cushion.

we allow for comfort in our cozies and socks as we nestle ourselves into the corner of the couch with a cup of tea.

offer that shift in energy to everything you venture into. know that you communicate your intentions and bring the energy that you feel in everything you do. we set the tone to suffer, to surrender, to feel joy. we set the tone for a quiet moment, day or practice.

as we embark on this adventure of living day-to-day, moment to moment…….let it feel familiar. let it feel easy. let it be easy. set the intention that you have experienced this moment before, this opportunity is now only to remind you of a beautiful experience you have once shared in. trust that what you bring into every experience is exactly what you need.  stay open to experience all of it.  stay open to learn and notice when the ease arrives.

your intentions deliver the grace. your intentions set the tone, frame the moment and shape your life.

energetically communicate your intention to move through this life with a valiant current that helps the seas to part and provide you a clear path to walk on.

view life thru a lens that allows for the soft whisper of…..

it feels familiar

it feels comfortable

i feel complete

i want to learn from this experience, what is there that can teach me

i can love more here

i can offer more compassion here

i will be my own safe keeper


enjoy this day and every day that you get to show up as the beautiful, radiant light that you are……

honor everyone you meet today, for they are reflecting your beauty back!

~screaming gratitude


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