uncover your muse

i was watched a movie last night.

an artist. a painter. a creative being.

he was without his art. in a space. lost. without any desire to create.

until it returned.

there was a moment when i could feel his recognition of a new muse. a moment where he began to sift through what he had piled up against his art, what helped him to once breathe in and out, that suddenly he was breaking down, uncovering his space to create once again so that he could see the empty page. so that he could stand in front of his canvas and begin again.

i was mesmerized by this. it made me want to create a space once again to sit down into. it gave breath to a muse for me.

i can remember when i first started writing i would sit in the middle of the living room in my apartmemt. i would surround myself completely.  i sat in the center of a sunburst of notes, napkins, journals and diaries. i had a safe place for my music, teacup and a path to the door.  I sat there for hours, days sometimes, writing, making everything messy, page after page, never looking back on anything i had created. i let it pour out of me, envelop me. nothing distracted me. i stood on top of the waves then. i climbed. i conquered in my writing, painting, drawing whatever it was that i was doing.

present day mind……..i think perhaps it is time to reconnect to my paintbrush, my fancy pens and to my sunburst sitting.

i think it may be better to have a wall built up against my art space than to not have an art space at all……

let’s clean house and revive our muse!

let us connect with what helps us to breathe. connect with what makes us feel whole.

nourish everything that reminds you that you are already perfect, that you have everything you need in this life.

your muse is the relationship you nourish, again and again.  it is tapping into that knowing that nothing else is more important than delivering YOUR message, than sharing YOUR wisdom, YOUR gifts in this world.

let us take down the walls to uncover the beauty that was always there.

let us take down all of our own walls to uncover what beauty we have to share.


enjoy THIS day

~screaming gratitude


3 responses to “uncover your muse

  1. Thank you for following my blog The Gifts That We Share. Your blog is a poetic delight…I hope to learn and be inspired by you. I am new at this (I had to have an open mind to try blogging! ha!) and I am loving your photos. They are beautiful…you should create a book of your photos.

  2. Every day I have the intention of surrounding myself with my notepads, pens, and paints and I never seem to get to it….. I need to plan to start tomorrow by doing that and then leave it their for me to find. Not many things help me to feel so whole as these simple items.

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