silence…..tender memories of being

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

as a child we would fish down at the lake behind my grandmothers home. i was quite eccentric and loved the camera as a child. that’s me in the middle, my sister and my dad. circa 1980s.

we, as a society, used to be uncomfortable with what is now comfortable.

we, as a society, have become comfortable with what was once uncomfortable.

before….years, maybe days even moments, we used to be okay with silence.

silence in elevators

in traffic in our cars

when the storm knocked the power out

at the dinner table, usually quiet was a sure sign of family dysfunction.

silence between two people was okay, it was comforting.

i cherish silence. i honor every pin drop, every whisper.  my most tender memories of silence were shared with my grandmother. we would swing on her back porch, sipping tea and eating sweets, overlooking the water. sometimes we would tell stories and laugh, and other times we would simply sit and watch life. we would catch up on the health of her myriad of plants, the weather and what was for dinner, and other times nothing at all.  then in the middle of swinging and chatting suddenly we would meet silence.  we would swing back and forth and watch life before us; it was like we were communicating without having to speak at all.

we would listen, and nothing more. the breeze, the birds, ducks, sometimes the squeaking of the swing we sat upon.  i could feel her tug to swing faster or slower, i could feel her words with every sigh.  i can close my eyes, even now, and feel that breeze, feel the sunshine and hear my own exhale as I lay there across from her or alongside of her. a tender memory of quiet and stillness of living. there was no fight, no push or pull towards awareness, it was simple, WE simply were right where we were supposed to be and i was completely comfortable.

i am reminded today of the peace i felt deep inside. there was no work necessary, no need to strive, change or do.

it was about sitting down quietly and swinging.

so today i find myself sitting down to quietly swing, in a different way, with a different view.  no need to be understood or accepted, but to simply be.  to nestle into the silence and stillness and find her there waiting for me.

enjoy a moment of quiet today

notice where in your body you feel this ease and silence

rest your attention there


~screaming gratitude


2 responses to “silence…..tender memories of being

  1. lovely… i am just about to upload a meditative video to that reflects so many of yours memories and impressions… the love that remains despite all pain… Love as the resolution that leads to our evolution…

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