set an intention…and follow me


two years ago i decided that i wanted to impact a community of people with similar beliefs, desires and awareness…..through gratitude.

my goal, is to find 200 readers to follow my blog by the end of 2014… share my thoughts about life, gratitude, breath, teachers, yoga, peace, ease, compassion, self-care, resistance, life and more gratitude ……..oh and a little bit more life.

i have come to see that this community is far wider reaching than i ever could have imagined….

that far more people are mindful, aware, grateful, JOYFUL, sparkling, in-love-with-life, resistant and falling over, making a mess and loving it all anyways.

please JOIN me, on this harvesting of great minds. uniting to bring immense radiance together. taking action to beam a force of light far greater, far wider, far more loving, peaceful and vital than anything else in this world has seen…….through gratitude.

i am screaming gratitude for all of you, wont you follow and join me?


~enjoy THIS day


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