unravelings are likely in the wee hours of morning


….the page has been empty for some time.

allowing space for life to be lived. to cultivate gratitude again from its roots.

it is an independent job to find appreciation in the comings and goings in the hours of a day.

thinking that everything must be experienced, felt, thought, planned and digested.  a perspective that proved quite isolating.


soon after you meet someone new there is this moment when you realize, they too are just like you.  they too grow and stretch, find empty spaces, sometimes too quiet.  find the lulls of some moments, too much to bare, and wonder if they are alone in all of this great big world just the same. they too need the reminder to look up, take a deep breath and start again. the way we quite often remind someone we love when they have strayed far from the crowd. at times it’s too much to be tender with yourself, to softly and gently care for yourself like we so often do for others.

when you meet someone new there is this moment when you realize, they too are just like you. truly nothing separates you.

inside conversations, there are sweet reminders that arise, you may hear the same words you have been whispering to yourself even, but this time they land right where they are needed, and you let them. take them as a gift, a connection, the tenderness of another’s care-taking. let them take care of you, if only for a moment, taking in their sweet words.  you take part of them with you as you inhale and exhale into the next moment, without acknowledment. you share this thread.

once someone has seen~felt~heard~witnessed your heart, there is only a wink, a glance, a smile to simply remind them of that exchange once before.  the moment where you shared a piece of yourself and let them care for you, if only for a moment, softly and gently like we do for others.

had one of these conversations today! made my heart smile and flutter. excited to feel someones love, my own love and that soft reminder that rested in my cells, take care of me.

we are all connected. of course we want to care for one another, or at least i do. i want to remind those i love to lift up their gaze, take in a breath and begin again. i want them there besides me for when i need the reminder as well.

this morning in the dawns early light….i sit longing to share this light with someone. to share in this moment of radiance literally and figuratively pouring out of me. to put this reminder into someone’s cells, so i decided to write about it, in hopes these words would ‘land’ for you right where you need them.

grateful for old & new friends, people i have crossed paths with in this life that remind me of joy, gratitude and simply sharing in my day

cultivating gratitude one breath at a time

enjoy this moment

~screaming gratitude


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