what happens when you dive head first into life?

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

its been so long i almost forget how to blog exactly.  tell my story, share my thoughts, carry you thru my day.

what i do remember is the inspiration i felt when i did share my writing with you. when i did share what inspired me, what moved me, what helped me to feel alive.

time away from this page has given me time to spend on my own personal pages, the ones of life. the ones that flicker in the wind on the kitchen table. tickled by the breeze. the ones that lie crinkled on top of journals, notebooks, drawing pads all spread around a pod of inspiration in my working room. i miss coming to this page and breathing in fresh air.  i miss pushing the boundaries of what i was comfortable sharing and putting out into the world.

so here i am. back. here.

it was last night that i was reminded of the many lessons that have come before me. “i carry everything inside of me.”

if i need to find joy, inspiration, love. if i need to feel any of these things, all i have to do is look inside.  i carry everything inside of me.

practicing the sacred prayer of metta, loving kindness, the last few weeks has helped me to shift and quiet some of the chatter that life has stirred up. it has helped me to clear the debris and remember the simplicity of diving head first into life; which is that we carry everything inside of us.  by telling myself a story, by offering a prayer, blessing my food, my body, my skin, I am able to shift my energies and in turn heal myself.

it is quite silly how much we forget; i forget.  what lessons i remember at the forefront of my mind and what i allow to float away. i forget how strong i am. i forget how great sun feels on my face. i forget how much freedom really is available to me. i am not sure why fear feels so comforting at times, but joyous when i can view the world from another lens and toss the fear out the window.

so remember on this sweet sunny day that you too carry everything that you need. whisper to yourself a love story, whisper what it is that you most need to hear and be open to receive it.  all the lessons that life has presented to you, you carry.


enjoy THIS day, enjoy THIS life,

~screaming gratitude for you!


One response to “what happens when you dive head first into life?

  1. Yes, I have been missing reading you, sharing your thoughts and experiences. I too took a break from blogging, trying to sort the questions life throws at us. Well, I did get out of alive and saner for i set my priorities to be me, first of all.

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