who are you

are you the sturdy kind?

are you the kind that can lift cars & mountains….

people move chairs, tables and clear out space for you as you enter in the room. are you that?

when you look in the mirror, you see your skin, your eyes, hair & lips, do you know that human?

do you trace your face with your eyes, feel your skin with your fingers? do you connect with the person looking, gazing back at you in the mirror? that reflection is you, but is it the you that you know. what does it feel like to smile back at that girl, to look down, then back up, meet your own eyes?

see your beauty now?

i am asking….do YOU see YOU?

can you feel your beauty, your magic? from the inside out.

go all the way into the center. the juicy parts, the deepest level, past the tissues and blood, dive deep into the magic, the energy, the universal stardust that makes up YOU.

now tell me about your beauty? what does it feel like?

your cells hold your beauty, your organs, your pulse…..they are all beautiful.


truth. believe. it.

~screaming gratitude


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