Screaming About?

Screaming Gratitude is a place where I can all scream the gratitude I have for this life. A place of inspiration, gratitude,passionate writing, an open mind, an open heart and a spirit flying so high that you need binoculars to see me and my tribe (and our trail of glitter). A chance to watch videos, read a blog post or two, see pictures of life, and to learn lessons about life from fellow spirits.

Screaming Gratitude was born from the inspiration I have for this life. I am a writer that once scrap-booked her way to her first coffee-table book; hand wrote her way through a second book; lap-topped it through Italy journal-ing all the thoughts covered in gelato; and now adjusting to this technology that lies before us, why not tap into the vast atmosphere of the “internet!” Why not video/blog/journal/inspire/integrate/learn as my way into another masterpiece of writing!

I am excited to do so many things in life, that after my morning cat stretch and meditation I am bouncing most often off the yoga mat as well as off the walls of my mind, ready to scream my gratitude at the top of my lungs. I want to share it all with you! The inspiration, the gratitude for life, the heart warming thoughts, gestures, notes, hallmarks, ideas that fill my head everyday.

Who am I? …Well there mr/mrs/ms/madame/guru/friend/soul-mate ;), let me tell you a thing of two about myself, I…… I am a rock star! Over years of conversations over coffee with friends, couches with therapists, classrooms with life-coaches, yoga mats with myself, Facebook with the world, the one truth that I have constantly returned to, the constant affirmation, the incantation that I whisper is that I AM A ROCK-STAR on this journey we call life.

I am first and foremost a woman living an authentic life. I am an academic, I literally read a book a week if not two, I am addicted to learning. I do crosswords as much as I brush my teeth, I literally don’t know where I store the information. I am a nutrition lover. Love everything about food, cooking, eating and health. I am a yogi. I am a certified Kripalu yoga teacher. I am a writer, although often I refer to myself as “I once was a writer,” but see through this, I really am a writer, I just hate the attention. I am a foodie. I am a world traveler. I have a mind that is often boundary-less. I feel as though life is a GIFT and I am excited to be open to receive each moment of it. I love silence, solitude, parties, crowds, dusk, dawn, sunshine and night sky. I love the darkness and light. I love the mess. I love when LIFE happens.

How best do I translate my gratitude for LIFE….. I call out to my tribe and grab my favorite pen and camera and get started. My tribe and I will be supplying a full range of submissions that are sure to give you goosebumps, sure to make you pause, take a breath and chuckle to yourself. Writing that is sure to catch you off guard, make you question everything, make you realize you are not alone, that it is okay to move toward fear, that it’s also okay to have no idea what you’re doing. My tribe and I, from all walks of life, all experiences and all backgrounds. Paths walked proudly, fearlessly at times and terrified at others. When I call out to my tribe they walk alongside me proudly as we navigate this LIFE. The intention behind Screaming Gratitude is to translate hope, desire, dreams, gratitude, love….the simple beauty in our lives; in order to allow you to start to notice all the beauty that surrounds you.

Please come along, check it out, watch videos, read the blog, posts, notes….check it all out. Watch as we scream from the top of our lungs about the gratitude we have for this life. This some 100 years that we are gifted to make the best of it, make the most of it.

Thank you! Hope to meet you in the world, on a mat or shoulder to shoulder walking this journey.


5 responses to “Screaming About?

  1. Greetings! Your site is truly inspirational and is deserving of an award! I am writing to you to say that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. My hope is that by accepting this award it will illicit conversation amongst all of us. Happy August, and I wish you much luck and happiness on your journey!
    Derek J. Healey
    Poet, Earth Steward, Reiki Practitioner, Ordained Minister & Spiritual Shaman

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