Have you seen this yet?

Have you seen this inspiration?  Screaming Gratitude has a big ole’ tub of people that’ll brighten your day!
They are pretty amazing, doing amazing things and making a difference in MY day.
Check them out, read up on them,  listen to their perspective…….they are just like us.

Screaming Gratitude Favorite blogs:

 KindOverMatter          Amy Smith Coaching                Nourish Your Light

Hey Amber Rae                 Pajamas Notebook

 The Light Inside               Heather Waxman       Jen Bulik’s Cancer Hat

Simplesense Now                Playful Heart Studio

 you know someone fabulous….tell us about them! We would love to hear!

Screaming Gratitude Favorite videos:

Have you seen this inspiration?  Screaming Gratitude has a big ole’ library of videos that’ll change your perspective!  Poetry, words of wisdom, music and a little jig here and there!  You will not be sorry. Click one, click all.  Enjoy!  All for you to enjoy!  Notice that smile across your face…..yeah, you’re welcome!

Words: Instructions for a Bad Day by Shane Koyczan, amazing speaker

Music: Stanko Farbfelder-Colorfield Painting..came across this in a Savasana

Words: of Prem Rawat, music by John Adorney

Music: I used to live for Thursday nights when the Cosby show was on! Pure JOY!

Music: When I hear this I envision my teachers in front of me and send them my radiant LOVE for meeting me on this path in LIFE.

Words: aaahh. the. beautiful. Anis Mojgani. Rhythm. Verse. Truth. Shake. The. Dust.

Words: More Anis Mojgani. Come closer. Pure JOY! Smile ear to ear.

Music: Wynonna, people get ready.  Always feels like I am about to take flight when I hear this woman sing.

Words: You should meet this woman. Her words. The rhythm, so honest. Easy. Vulnerable. Sincere.

Music: Three years ago I found this song.  Take it or leave it. That’s what resonated with me.  Take it or leave it. LIFE, take it or leave it.

Words: Kelly Corrigan, an AWE-some writer, brave enough to share her ideas of reality and LIFE!

Words & Dance: I like to think this was me when I was younger.  Excited! Happy! So thrilled, thankful and filled with gratitude!

Words: You cannot be grateful without Alan Watts

If you know anyone, any idea, any thing that could INSPIRE others, please share!  I would LOVE to see what inspires YOU!

Sunshine and water, oh an a few crayons in case we need to draw some capes to fly away with!



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