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New music that inspires us….
I don’t have any of those fancy radio stations that you pay monthly for in my car. I don’t have book shelves filled with cd’s or mix tapes. I don’t even own an ipod, which I am starting to think I may need to get….but either way I don’t think any part of me could live my life without music. I carry it with me everywhere I go. Humming a tune while running my daily errands, busting out to a 30 second dance party in the back of the house at work…..even at the stop lights, this where you will hear my music selections loud and proud. Most of all, cruising on the highway. Once upon a time I spent a lot of time in the car and no matter where I was going or who was with me….I had my microphone (water bottle typically) in hand and I was belting it out like no other. Don’t get me wrong I am no contestant or runner up even, but at the end of the day….music brings me so much JOY! that I feel like I am not sharing all of my gratitude for this life if I don’t share this passion with all of YOU!

Inspiration Radio Station: music that heals you. music that settles your soul, helps you to settle a bit deeper into the quiet. music that rev’s you up. music that literally makes you want to quit your job, move to canada and die of old age (ani). music that reminds you of those breath-taking moments that have in some way shape or form, framed where you are on this journey we call life. loud, soft, whimsical, rock, soul, tribal, powerful, whatever it is….it all helps to keep me on the path of awareness and self-observation!

I am a lover of all things music. Whether it’s inspirational lip syncing or the tear jerking kinds, no matter what I am all over it. I literally get so excited when I find a new song that resonates with my current season of life. I jump up and down, play it non stop, memorize, memorize and soak it all in! Check out some of my current fav’s and let me know what thrills you! Better yet…share your fav’s and love’s! It’s all about the gratitude….the Screaming Gratitude that is!


Tune in….music for your soul….

Alright big things have been shifting and moving right and left so there is much more tunes on the horizon for those seekers of light and INSPIRATION!

This notes’ menu is pretty much a random order of burger, fries, avocado, vegan pie and a side of wheat grass…..literally there is no rhyme or reason…..simply enjoy!

Good Rain-Trevor Hall (man is a genius when it comes to voice, tune and sing-along lyrics)

All I ever know-Trevor Hall ( I no lie, genius, straight up pure enjoyment, cruising, sunshine, bliss)

For what it’s Worth-oldie but good, and done by the ever impressive DJ Drez & Joey Lugassy

Over and Over-Maggie Eckford

Taiwan Special-Again DJ Drez…..amazing for a savasana! like a cherry on top!

Wandering Sadhu-Desert Dwellers

On Top of the World-Imagine Dragons!  (okay this is a windows down, foot pedal to the metal, living loud, living life like you got everything and then some! woo hooo! take it in but don’t look downnnnn!)

this is why I make lists like this to INSPIRE!!!! I could not imagine LIFE without music!

Creepin’ In-Norah jones & Dolly Parton-I mean come on and oldie but goodie, iced tea and rockin chair!

Mere Raam-Snatam kaur-there are no words, no words at all!

okay I admit I do enjoy a good bubble gum song in the car often, microphone in hand, yes this is a truth I will admit…and this song, this is one of those you must jam out to.  I pretty much blew my speakers out, I didn’t know that 62 on the volume knob was my MAX!

Check out- Crazy Kids-Ke$ha

All the little lights-Passenger (this reminded me of the little lights that are inside each of us, so many many lights) curiously petite sounding but beautiful in all that it is! steamy summer nights, long walks bring much INSPIRATION!

New beginning-Tracy Chapman (got a nice amazon mix in the background, great jam out, great saddle up and go kind of song, I LOVE it! New beginnings, sell your couches and pack your bags, new beginnings!)

Grounded-Sacred Earth ( I feel as though I have more music for yoga than I know what to do with! This sound is amazing. please listen, it is mesmerizing. Same with Todd Boston, a song called Full Moon!

Makyen Ghrir Allah-EarthRise SoundSystem

Finally moving-Pretty lights

Shanti(peace out)- MC Yogi (cannot get enough of this man. incredible. the sounds are so familiar to me, they wash over me, pretty amazing!)

I think that is all for today’s schedule broadcast, please tune into your next NOTE in the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy your music, enjoy your inspiration, enjoy LIFE

Take lots of deep breaths, spread your toes wide on the grass and lead with an open heart!

enjoy this day

~screaming gratitude!


New music to add to the playlist!

Rainy day, sunny day….these folks are worth listening to!



Sita Ram-Girish

Say Hey I love You-Michael Franti & Spearheads

Brave-Sara Bareilles

I Lived-OneRepublic

Let there be Love-Christina Aquilera

Soldier-Ingrid Michaelson

Can’t Hold Us-Macklemore

Do You Realize?-Flaming Lips


Spirit I am-Steve Gold

Cosmic Love-Florence & the Machine

The Sound of Sunshine-Michael Franti & Spearheads

God is Real/Hare Ram-Krishna Das

Like it or Not-Madonna

I’m Alive-Michael Franti

Dog Days are Over-Florence & the Machine

Feel Again-OneRepublic

Bennie & the Jets-Elton John

One Day-Matisyahu

Every Girl Like Me-Sugarland

Incredible Machine-Sugarland

Who I Am-Jessica Andrews

Free-Faith Hill

Stand Very Still-John Adorney

Grandmothersphere-East Forest

Guide my Way-Steve Gold

There is Light-Steve Gold

Track 16 Crusade-Moth Nor Rust

Narayana/For Your Love-Krishna Das

Army of Me-Christina Aquilera

Miracle Walking-ENA VIE

Earth Prayer-ENA VIE

The Mountain-Trevor Hall

Living Yantra-Dean Evenson & Soundings

Common Threads-Bobby McFerrin

I Found my Way-Dusty Springfield

Thank you for Hearing Me-Sinead O’Connor

Sweet in the Morning-Bobby McFerrin

All I ever Needed-Paul McDonald

When I Go Away-Levon Helm

Aad Guray-Deva Premal

Joppa Road-Ween


Teeth-Lady Gaga

Put the Gun Down-ZZ Ward

Shower the People-James Taylor

I Will Wait-Mumford & Sons

On the Nature of Daylight-Max Richter

Beautiful am I-Aykanna

Makes me Wanna Pray-Christina Aguilera

Katsitsy^Tha-Joanne Shenandoah

Uncharted-Sara Bareilles

Sun Comes Up-John Legend

Bathe in These Waters-Donna De Lory

Om Namo Bhagavate-Deva Premal

Flying-Garth Stevenson

Gate Gate-Frannie Faith

Devi Prayer-Craig Pruess

Hallelujah-Snatam Kaur

Today is your Day-Shania Twain

You Are Enough-Sleeping At Las


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