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Photo by Sarah Dufresne

Photo by Sarah Dufresne

Hello Screamers! My name is Sarah, and I am the founder and creator of Screaming Gratitude.  I created ‘SG’ with the intention to share the excitement for life that I wake to every morning.  When I wake up I do not always bounce out of bed!….. but after the first few steps, I do find a smile usually across my face and a curiosity about the day ahead.

I set an intention a year ago to move towards LIFE; to move towards experiences in LIFE that scare me, challenge me and to simply have fun!  In this last year I have found that through walking this path, I have realized that I am a genuinely happy human.  Yes, I spend a good majority of my day in a head stand, warrior 1 or some other posture……… but when I meet someone new and they ask me what does my life look like outside of the ‘9-5?’  My reply is that my LIFE is a bit like Warrior 1 (Kripalu style, heel lifted folks), in that it’s a balancing act.  Often times it can feel like one is walking a tight rope, moments of unsteadiness, moments of panic, perhaps one might even fall over or hold your breath…..but it also is empowering!  Warrior 1 is powerful, strong and radiant; energy coursing through my arms and legs; full deep breath’s, an open chest and heart, and a bright smile across my face as I settle in to the posture, or LIFE rather.  My LIFE and Warrior 1 are a bit one-in-the-same.

Some of my other blogs and writing…

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I hope to share with you my writing, inspiration, passion for living each and every day.

carly wildthing yoga Meet Carly Sachs, a guest writer for Screaming Gratitude.  Cary is a writer, professor and yoga educator living in Kent, Ohio

Know any great writers that need a place to land….send them our way.  Contact screaming gratitude@gmail.com for more information!

There is no such thing as too many great minds!

Check out her piece here!


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