poetry for your solstice


happy solstice

happy solstice

i have been collecting the poetry that i have been writing over the last year.

here is a few of the pieces


we must move in and out of suffering in order to experience the fullness of gratitude and ease.



doubt must be present in order to fully experience passion, conviction and ambition completely.



gratitude is much like…

the more you express, the more you are blessed with to be grateful for.

the more blessings you experience the more gratitude rises to be expressed and shared.



we are so much more concerned with the later than the now,

why not the now?

why don’t we live in the now? instead we choose to grin and bare it till it’s over.

my pen runs dries as i scribble these words,  the woman next to me on the trains asks me ‘whats the weather supposed to be like on wednesday,

and yet today is only saturday.

“it’ll be sunny and 50, we just need to hold tight” she replies.

why not the now?



why do we destroy?

i will not be here in 100 years so why work so hard to tear down the trees and uproot every civilization

why over fish the oceans, clear the lands

why not spend our resources connecting. being.

why don’t we stop rushing around to discover and uncover and simply

be still with one another.


enjoy this day…of the longest and darkest days

find space for rest, surrender and a warm mug of love

~screaming gratitude


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