life creates unwanted space

looking at my name written on a paper nearby, glancing at an envelope in front of me, I see my name, or what looks like my name.

who is that?

in class I kept confusing my left and my right, as if i had taken a hiatus from having limbs or being in this body.

who is attached to this arm or leg?

today as i sit at my desk, i am unsure where the space has come from, but it is clear that there is space present, that in some way I am disconnected from my name and body, and have been experiencing life from a different place.

i feel as though i am wading in the ocean of life. i feel pruney and soft. tumbled and restless. grateful for this perspective. curious and brave.

my knee jerk reaction as a writer is to write.  write life down so one day soon i can try and reframe it, tease out the lessons, draw everything out of it and make it my own.  but all i can do is bring my presence now.

i digest every emotion. i breathe in deeply. fill my lungs to nourish my body with the grace of breath.

words on a page provide a voice. words can help name this space i find myself.

words help me to reconnect. to find the yoga, the union again. words help me to see from this view. take it all in.

gratitude for my writing. gratitude for the practice on the mat. gratitude for the practice out in this world.

enjoy every moment you are alive today, enjoy every breath, every opportunity to show up, every layer and connection in this life!

~screaming gratitude


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